Monday, December 29, 2014

My Top 5 Fitness Equipment Picks for the New Year

I know I'm not the only one who got gift cards for Christmas! But, I am having a REALLY hard time deciding WHAT to spend them on! I was thinking you guys could help?!? Do any of you have any of these or use them regularly?
I have seen quite a few fun workouts on Pinterest and YouTube using these pieces of equipment and I think they'd be great tools to add to my regular at home programs!

1. First up is the TomTom GPS / Heart rate Monitor Watch: I have had my eye on all the different brands of heart rate watches that are coming out on the market now for awhile! I am a slacker when it comes to wearing the chest strap but I want a much more accurate calorie burn than my FitBit currently gives me. I have the Nike+ Sport Watch GPS that I wear for race training and race day, also made by TomTom, and I really like it because it's super user friendly. So maybe I should splurge and get the TomTom???

2. A Pink Bosu Home Balance Trainer: Versatile, fun, effective, and PINK....need I say more?

3. A TRX Suspension Trainer: Again, versatile, fun, effective. But, also, super portable!

4. A sweet set of Battle Ropes: I mean, they look fun and I'd probably feel like a total bad A$$ while using them....nuff said.

5. The Lebert Equalizer Bar and Sandbag Pink: Super fun way to improve my upper  and lower body strength and burn calories all in one! Oh, did I mention it was Pink?!?

The way I see it, I can't go wrong with which ever choice I make! But, I imagine now you can understand the dilemma I'm facing!

Leave a comment here on the blog or visit my FB page DAAT Fitness Gal to let me know what YOU would choose and WHY!

Until Then....

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