Sunday, December 07, 2014

Why You're NOT Losing Weight

One of the most common themes I encounter when coaching others is this:
I'm watching what I eat, I workout like a maniac, and the scale just isn't budging!!! HELP!

I remember growing up and watching other women in my life and on media sources try to lose weight and I recall that the idea was always one that seemed pretty straight forward:
Eat less, lose weight.

Which, as a general statement that does work. But in specifics it doesn't serve you well at all.
Here are some common scenario's that I see happening:

Scenario A.) Someone who is working out pretty hard on a regular basis but continuing to make poor food choices.
Scenario B.) Someone who is working out hard and eats very little food to fuel their workout.
Scenario C.) Someone that maintains a busy active schedule and isn't really monitoring their food intake at all, but, realizes that they are actually not eating much throughout the day. Which can lead to binge and emotional eating.

All of the above mentioned often lead to no progress in the change of your physique or the number on the scale (which is a whole other post, that we will get to later! ).

So, you want to know how to fix it?
Luckily, the answer is NOT to cut your food or caloric intake even more! But, rather, ADD to it!

First, visit this quick link and enter your basic info in order to get an estimate of how many calories YOU should be consuming each day.

Second, you should track what you are ACTUALLY eating and putting into your body for a few days. Don't make any changes at all. Just do what you'd normally do. I often use My Fitness Pal. They have a website that you can use if on a desktop computer and an app for smart phones that is free. It's full of lots of nice features that make tracking a breeze. But, you can use whatever method suits you and your personality.
Cautionary Info: I personally don't always agree with the daily caloric target that MFP gives everyone when setting up their weight loss goals, there are so many variables that can effect YOUR personal goal. I would recommend seeking additional assistance in order to verify that your daily caloric target is right for you. I DO however agree with MFP when it says that it is not recommended that anyone consume LESS than 1,200 calories per day. I also don't personally try to lose any more than 1 pound per week.

Are you consuming AT LEAST 1,200 calories (or at least the number that is specific to you) of foods that will fuel your body and your fuel your workouts? Or, are you missing the mark either in quality or content?

If you aren't meeting your minimum requirements you are going to want to check out my accompanying post: Why You Need to Eat!

Until Then....

**This post was not sponsored by My Fitness Pal

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