Wednesday, January 07, 2015

8 Ways to Be Successful

With 2015 here and upon us, I imagine many of you have set some goals and are working towards achieving them. But, let's be honest, changing is hard! We often forget that we are working against many months or many years of one way of doing things. And, it's okay if it takes many months or many years to reach our end goal.
Take the case of changing your eating habits or weight loss. In the past, I would go cold turkey, I would give myself some crazy time limit (like one month to drop 30 pounds and get bikini ready), and inevitably, because I'm human. I'd slip up, I'd mess up, I'd fail and then.....I'd quit. Never really seeing my goals achieved.
So, I wanted to share with you how I overcame it! How I was able to get off that hamster wheel and do something different! If you face some of those same feelings and experiences, read on!

8 Ways to Create Excitement and Accountability when setting goals:

1. Find a partner or a group and ask for help - We've already acknowledged that change is hard, but that increases when you embark on a journey without help! Thanks to the many social media platforms there are many ways to find and relate to others that share your goals! But, keep in mind, it's one thing to ask for help; be sure you are ready and willing to receive it as well! One of the largest reasons people never achieve the goals they put forth is a lack of accountability! Even as adults, it's healthy, motivating, and helpful to have someone to check in with on a regular basis!
If you would like help being put in touch with a group or person that is right for you, contact me on my FB Like page.

2. Make a Detailed Plan - I like to use pencil and paper - but digital works too! Start by brainstorming ALL the things that will need to happen in order to achieve your goal. Then, go back and put the storm into an ordered list. Schedule the tasks and treat them as appointments you can't and won't miss!

One system I use for tracking and rewards.
3. Create Rewards - Try breaking the list of tasks into small chunks (for example 7 or 21 day cycles) and then create a reward system for finishing a cycle. I like to keep things budget friendly but meaningful as well!

4. Surround yourself with Motivating Tid Bits- start a board on Pinterest and fill it with motivating sayings and pictures. Start posting these sayings and pics on your social media platforms, write them down on paper and hang them up! Plaster them everywhere! The more you see it, the more you read it, the more you believe it, the more you become it!

6. Give yourself Grace - If you mess up or slip up once, twice, ten times, or 100 times - don't let that become a reason to give up completely! The results will come even if you have completed something with flaws than if you didn't finish it at all!

7. Strive to Reconstruct your Beliefs - In order to do something you have never done, you are going to have to change the things you are doing. You are going to have to let go of negative thought patterns and self defeating behaviors. You are going to have to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. When the thoughts and behaviors begin to creep in from the past, make every attempt to call them on their falseness and rid yourself of them. This is one key way, becoming part of a group, can help!

Some of my favorite podcasts.
8. Become Organized - Rid yourself of clutter - physical and mental. Do some "spring cleaning" and put away or get rid of things that are holding you back. If it's not serving you well, it may be time to say Good Bye. If your work space isn't tidy it can be difficult to get things done in an efficient manor, which contributes to feelings of failure. The same goes for our minds. If they are cluttered with thoughts and information that isn't propelling us forward then it may be time to replace some of that with useful information.
I'm currently a Podcast addict! There is a TON of good FREE information out there! Plug your phone in to your car and listen away! I also am an avid reader and if you'd like to check out what I'm currently reading you can see my list here!

If these tips strike a chord with you or you enjoyed them please let me know by leaving a comment or sharing them on your social media!

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