Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to Fit It In: 6 Secrets to Scheduling Your Workouts, as told by Tony Horton

Finding the time to fit in a workout can be one of the biggest struggles we, as busy adults, face. Something is always coming up! Life just happens!
We have the best of intentions, we are gonna wake up that next day and get that darn workout in! BUT, we fail to make a plan!
Wanna beat that? Wanna get ahead of those feelings?

Check out these 5 quick tips as told by Tony Horton to ensure success when getting in your daily dose of activity!

Gotta love his no nonsense approach!

1. Figure out What Time of Day You'll Get Active!
It may the exact time for you every day! It may different every day. Either way it doesn't matter as long as you figure out what time that is!

2. Write It Down!!!
Take it old school! Pen and paper! Then, hang it up somewhere that it become inevitable to miss!!! Your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your closet door, the back of the front door! Do what works! If you hang it inside a cabinet that you may not even open once a day....just not gonna get the job done there! :)

3. Get Yourself an Accountability Partner!
You have got to find someone who wants to make the changes just as bad as you do! It won't work if you ask a friend who is going to commiserate over how much they don't want to do the workouts either or help excuse you when they are missed! Use a family member, a close friend, someone in your neighborhood - and even better, if you have no one near by - there are TONS of people online! They are just waiting to find a buddy to check in with! Need one? Ask me I can set you up!

4. Mark That Calendar!
Get a bold marker - buy some fun stickers! Each day that you finish your workout - scratch that baby off!!! Tony says - "out of 30 days in a month, MINIMALLY you should shoot for 22 days of successful activity in order to create that shift in habit".

5. DO NOT Beat Yourself Up if You are Injured or Sick!
If you are injured, you can modify workouts or focus on parts of the body that are  not injured. If you are sick REST! Your body has it's own way of letting you know when it needs a break...listen to that! When that has passed - GET BACK IN THE GAME! Don't focus on the loss of momentum, focus on how easy you can switch back into beast mode!

6. Plan Active Recovery Days Off!
You DO have to take rest days! You do not want to over train or promote injury! But, should you use that "rest" day to sit on the couch, eat whatever, and aid in the creating the wrong mindset? No way! Get outside, get active and find FUN ways to stay moving - lightly! Go for a walk with the kiddos, take a new yoga class, or just have a dance party in your living room!

Prefer to hear it straight from Tony?!? Here is his quick 4 min video!

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