Sunday, March 01, 2015

Quick and Easy Food Tracking Tools

When it comes to making changes to your diet* (meaning what and how you eat, not restriction) I have philosophy!
"You have to know where you have been, in order to know where you are going!"
I remember when my husband and I sat down and worked through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover together. We came to the part of the book where we had to record where and what we were spending our paychecks on each month. My jaw was on the floor when the reality of our spending habits were in black and white! The same can also be true for what you eat and drink every day. I mean, I know I don't often sit down and take stock of every morsel that has entered my mouth. But then, I wonder, gee I've been packing on a few extra pounds lately - I wonder why!
Enter - food journaling!
If you want to pin point the areas that need improvement you should start with keeping track of your current habits.
Yep, you read that right! The first thing you should do is NOT change a single thing about your diet!
In fact, you should just eat as you always do!
First, you'll want to find a tracker or a journal that works best with your style and that you will be sure to keep up with! I'm going to share a few of my favorite with you here!

Digital Options:
My Fitness Pal
While there are lots of options out there I have used and like My Fitness Pal!
I like this option because not only do they have a full website that you can access from your desktop computer but a handy app as well! There is a barcode scanner and a recipe creator so that you can accurately track and calculate full nutritional info! Because MFP is so widely used there is also a huge database full of items from restaurant menus!
Check out this great article by Feel Great in 8!
8 Tips For Making the Most Out of My Fitness Pal

Fit Bit
If you have and use a Fit Bit and it's accompanying app they have also added a food log component! It also has a barcode scanner and a custom entry feature for quickly adding items!

You can also check out this FAB post by Bustle for more app ideas that will help you when making food choices!
8 Healthy Eating Apps to Download Now

Pen and Paper Style:
Here are a few cute printable options!

Weekly Food Journal by A Sunshiny Day

Once you have picked your favorite method of tracking get ready to record! Remember to write down everything you eat OR drink! 
The few Doritos you snagged from your little one's plate and that energy drink you guzzled count too!!! Those things especially count because they can often be the culprits sabotaging an otherwise healthy diet! EVEN if the nutrition label reads zero - mark it down! 

Then, get ready to come back and find out what to do after you have been tracking and how to interpret that information!! 

Until Then....

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