My Life List

**Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. Check back for updates! Also, if you would like to join me in making any of the following happen please get my info from my contact page and shoot me a line!  :-)

1. See a shuttle launch/land. 2. Make my own wine. 3. Go zip lining. 4. Go bar hopping during the summer solstice in Alaska. 5. Visit all 50 states. 6. Grow a vegetable garden (Summer 2010) 7. Carve a pumpkin from my garden. 8. Plug (soak) a watermelon from the garden with rum and enjoy! 9. Learn to can. 10. Bake an apple pie with apples from our trees. 11. Attend the Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. And of course place bets and wear big ol' hats! 11. Have a huge front porch with a swing that I can share with Hubster on summer nights. 12. Complete the AFC 52 week photography challenge. 13. Run "The Warrior Dash". 14. Learn to snow board (Winter 2010). 15. Learn to snow board well. 16.Hike to the top of a really tall mountain. 17. Stay in a bungalow over the ocean in Tahiti. 18. Eat authentic sushi in Japan. 19. Take a ride on The Maid of the Mist. 20. See Mt. Rushmore. 21. Enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon. 22. Go deep sea fishing and catch a HUGE fish! 23. Appear in or write an article for a well-known magazine. 24. Read 100 books in a year. 25. Learn to surf. 26. Own and ride a Harley. 27. Learn to shoot a handgun well. 28. Fire a shotgun without falling down. 29. Learn to hit a target with a bow and arrow. 30. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camp at the Waterfalls of Havasupai. 31. Plan and host a "girls" trip. 32. Make bakery worthy cupcakes. 33. Host a "dress up" New Years Eve party. 34. Enter something into the York Fair. 35. Have my blog featured on 10 different websites (1. 2-21-11). 36. Visit Ireland and have whiskey at a Pub. 37. Sleep in an over night train. 38. Ring in the New Year in Times Square. 39. Attend Oktoberfest and drink a VERY LARGE mug of beer. 40. Go to Mardi Gra in New Orleans. 41. Participate in La Tomatina. 42. Take hubster to see the Yankees play. 43. Take my pops to a Nascar race. (2013 Nascar Dover) 44. Eat Fugu (NYC with Nicole and Frank 2-18-11) 45. Enjoy a Hot Dog from an NYC street vendor. (W/ Kylee and Lex 3-22-11). 46. Chew raw sugar cane (Dominican Republic 2008). 47. Have a palm reading. 48. Take a ride in some one's PJ (private jet). 49. Fly First Class. (To/From Hawaii 2007). 50. Walk on the Black Sand Beaches. 51. Visit Pearl Harbor. 52. Volunteer at a soup kitchen on a holiday. 53. Restore my first car with my pops and hubster. 54. Brew my own beer. 55. Own a keg-o-rator. 56. Take a cooking class with hubster. 57. Sell my crafts on Etsy. 58. Take a wine tasting class. 59. See a shipwreck while snorkeling. 60. Go white water rafting. 61. Tandem skydive. 62. Fly in an open cockpit airplane.  63. Find my way through a corn maze. 64. Swim with dolphins (Hawaii 2007). 65. Watch sea turtles hatch. 66. Collect and eat eggs from a chicken coop. 67. Ride a paddleboat down the Mississippi River. 68. Hang off the side of a cable car in San Fran. 69. Finish a triathlon. (Tucson, AZ 2002). 70. Get insanely sunburned while sea kayaking (Catalina Island 2001). 71. Learn to "drive" a golf ball. 72. Play in a co-ed softball league with hubster. 73. Visit the Grand Ole Opry. 74. Visit and sample wine at 10 wineries. 75. Ride a bicycle built for two. (Catalina Island 2001). 76. Own a bicycle built for two. (Wedding Gift 2009). 77. Get a tattoo from a renowned tattoo artist. 78. Send B-Day, Anniversary, and other cards to all the lovelies on my calendar, on time, for 12 consecutive months. 79. Own a pink hunting bow. 80. Do something I am scared of. 81. Write down all of my favorite recipes from my grandparents. 82. Try Absinth. 83. Witness a baby bird learning to fly. 5-28-11 @home